Esther Gerster was born 1957 in Switzerland and grew up on the lake of Zurich. Since her childhood she liked to paint and to draw. First she became a kindergardenteacher, meeting Rudolf Steiners pedagogic. Later she studied sculpture, grafic and painting at the ‚Goetheanistic Artschool‘ in Vienna. She had the opportunitiy to paint spaces with ‚lazur-technic‘, to paint murals (also collaborating at the ceiling painting in the Goetheanum/Dornach), to give painting courses to children and adults in many different places and countries. Since 1998 she is coordination an doing guided tours in the Goetheanum, this complete-art building, and is learning always more from ist forms, colours and imaginations.

For many years she painted with plant colours. Now she is experiencing with oil: bringing light and lighting up the colours on a dark ground. To bring in balance colour, form, within the intentional imagination, is the challenging process and goal in her painting work.